Accreditation Information

Law South Mediation is a provider of commercial mediation services

Basic Information

  1. Law South Mediation is one of the services provided by Law South Group Limited from its headquarters at Southgate Place, 41-42 Southgate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1ET;
  2. Contact details are: Telephone: 01243 786033; email: [email protected];
  3. The registered company number of Law South Group Limited is 2307330;
  4. Mark Day ,CEO of Law South Group Limited, is responsible for the registration information;
  5. Law South Mediation commenced offering its services in January 2008;
  6. The total number of mediators available for mediation work is eight;
  7. Law South Group Limited and each of its mediators is covered by professional indemnity insurance to a value of at least £1,000,000;

Practice Information

  1. Law South Mediation has adopted the European Mediators Code of Conduct as its operating Code of Conduct;
  2. Law South Mediation has its own internal complaints procedure;
  3. In order to become a Law South mediator, a person must have completed a minimum of 24 hours formal training and have successfully completed a subsequent assessment;
  4. Each Law South Mediation panel member must undertake at least six hours of mediation specific continuing professional development each year;
  5. Law South Mediation is committed to diversity and anti-discrimination in its operations

Mediation Information

  1. The geographic area covered by Law South mediators comprises Greater London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire;
  2. All eight Law South mediators are available for any type of commercial dispute.