Mediation Process

How the mediation process works

Here is a step-by-step approach to achieving a successful mediation outcome using Law South Mediation services:

Step 1

Please contact us on 01243 786033 or alternatively complete and return the mediation request form

Step 2

We will then contact you to discuss in more detail the information you have provided. At the outset, we will wish to confirm that both or all parties to the dispute have agreed to refer the dispute to mediation, and to use one of the Law South mediators.

In particular, we shall be seeking further information regarding:

  • the nature of the dispute, including any specialist technical issues involved
  • how much is being claimed
  • your time-scale
  • any preferred location
  • any preferences regarding the background and experience of the mediator

Step 3

Having collated this information, we will suggest to you three suitable mediators from our panel. It will then be for you and the other party to decide which of the three you would like to undertake the mediation.

Step 4

Once you have made that decision and communicated it to us, we will contact your chosen mediator to confirm that he / she is willing to act in the matter. On that confirmation, we will send all parties our mediation agreement for signature and return.

Step 5

On receipt of the signed agreements, we will pass on to the mediator all the details of the dispute that we currently hold.

Step 6

At this point, the mediator will take over, and all future communication directly regarding the mediation itself, and how it will be run, will be between the mediator and the parties to the dispute.