Peter Bourke

Andrew Wiltshire

Peter is an RICS accredited evaluative mediator. He is dual qualified as both a solicitor and a chartered surveyor and as a partner at Wilsons he deals with property and trust disputes, together with professional negligence claims. He also sits on the Property Litigation Association Law Reform Committee. He is from a farming family and has both advised and managed farming properties for over 30 years.

Peter specialises in property matters and over the years has seen almost every possible type of dispute relating the property, its ownership and terms of occupation. He has spent the last 20 years resolving property and trust problems whilst acting for and against individuals, trustees, families, SMEs, PLCs and charities. Because of his wide ranging business experience he is also called upon by other professionals to find common ground between parties in non-property or trust related matters, as well as on matters relating to his particular area of expertise. He knows that every individual will see things differently and that it important to appreciate both sides' position and version of events.

Peter has an excellent track record is settling matters at an early stage and his view on mediation is that in the vast majority of cases it is the most cost effective method of resolving a matter. Most cases should settle without the need for formal proceedings to run their course thus providing a win-win outcome for the parties. If there is a settlement to be reached, Peter will find it.